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A strong team with complementary skills. Many years of experience in management, industry and in the scientific field. Excellently suited to master the diverse challenges of the new venture.

Eric Hovestreydt

Founder & Sales

With more than 30 years of experience in product development and sales of single-crystal diffractometers, including application consulting and development of customized solutions for Siemens and the market leader Bruker AXS, Eric knows the market like no other.

Gunther Steinfeld

Founder & Principal Scientist

Experienced chemist with extensive knowledge from transition metals to biomolecules and a heart for crystallography. Aside from being a  researcher at the University of Freiburg (DE),  Gunther has many years of experience in performing CRO services for a variety of industries. 

Gustavo Santiso-Quinones

Founder & Scientific Advisor

Gustavo knows exactly what it takes to design innovative crystallographic instrumentation to achieve the best possible results. Internationally distinguished scientist, contributed to more than 30 peer-reviewed publications @ FU Berlin, EPFL Lausanne, RWTH Aachen and ETH Zurich.

Nils Gebhardt

Founder & Marketing Director

A hands-on professional combining conceptual vision with a pragmatic, entrepreneurial mindset and results-oriented management approach. Background from various positions in consulting and industry. Before co-founding ELDICO, Nils shaped Park Innovaare as Managing Director.

Francesco Garbuglia


Before deciding to challenge his technical flair with electron diffraction, Francesco spent some time in Oil&Gas, leading cross-functional teams in large R&D organizations at GE & Alstom and as Operational Excellence Consultant & Program Manager at Anheuser-Busch. 

Danny Stam

Sales Manager

Strong academic experience at Leiden University, doubled by more than 20 years of industrial insight from work at companies like Core Labs (R&D), Avantium and Technobis focusing on improving crystal growth. Now Danny is ready to convince about the potential of ED.

Christian Jandl

Application Scientist

Christian already contributed to over 70 scientific publications in his career and he is well prepared to deal with all kinds of crystallographic challenges our numerous clients from a broad variety of industries may need solutions for while operating our dedicated electron diffractometer.

Johannes Merkelbach

Manager Measurement Operations

With a degree in Business Chemistry, Johannes serves as the much-needed business-science liaison, able to offer solutions for our growing customer base in regard to ELDICO’s measurements service in the most optimal way, managinging the busy measurements pipeline.

Petra Simoncic

Chief Innovation Officer

As a trained minerologist, holding a PhD in crystallography, Petra knows exactly how powerful our device is and has the right know-how to tackle its patent related issues. She will liaise with our clients and the broader scientific community.

Sebastian Schegk

Chief Commercial Officer

With a PhD from the Max-Planck in biochemistry and a long career path – mostly in life sciences – Sebastian is most up to the job in understanding the wide applications for ED. He will guide Eldico on a growth path supporting innovative materials.

Board of Directors

Nils Gebhardt (Chairman)

Zurich (CH)

Dr. Eric Hovestreydt

Karlsruhe (DE)

Dr. Sebastian Schegk

Zurich (CH)
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