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Eldico is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of electron diffraction (microED) technology, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. Through a commitment to research and development, we consistently produce application notes and key publications that showcase the capabilities and advancements of our electron diffraction solutions.

In addition to our written materials, we actively engage with the scientific community through various channels. Our team regularly hosts webinars to share insights, best practices, and the latest developments in electron diffraction. These webinars serve as valuable opportunities for researchers, scientists, and industry professionals to deepen their understanding and stay updated on the cutting-edge techniques and applications.

Furthermore, Eldico actively participates in and attends relevant events and conferences within the field of electron diffraction. By networking with peers, exchanging ideas, and showcasing our technology at these events, we strengthen our position as leaders in the industry and contribute to the advancement of electron diffraction science.

Through our comprehensive approach to knowledge sharing and engagement, Eldico remains a trusted partner and a driving force in the evolution of electron diffraction, empowering researchers worldwide to unlock new discoveries and breakthroughs in materials science and beyond.



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