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A strong team with complementary skills. Many years of experience in management, industry and in the scientific field. Excellently suited to master the diverse challenges of the new venture.
Eric Hovestreydt

Eric Hovestreydt, PhD

Founder & CEO
Chemist / Crystallographer

Eric knows the market and our customers like no other. More than 30 years of experience in product development and sales of single-crystal diffractometers, including application consulting and development of customized solutions for Siemens and the market leader Bruker AXS. In Europe and Asia, Eric is well connected with future clients of electron diffractometers. A recognized expert in operations and sales of technological X-ray equipment.

Gunther Steinfeld

Gunther Steinfeld, PhD

Founder & CTO
Chemist / Crystallographer

Gunther is an experienced chemist with extensive knowledge from transition metals to biomolecules and a heart for crystallography. As researcher and university lecturer among University of Freiburg (D) he is responsible for more than 30 peer-reviewed publications. Together with Gustavo he is founder and owner of Crystallise! AG. As such he supported successfully the research of multinational companies, SMEs and public research institutions. So far, the challenging projects at Crystallise! perfectly matched with his sharp expertises, which help him to bring the technology of ELDICO to superior levels.

Gustavo Santiso-Quinones

Gustavo Santiso-Quinones, PhD

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)
Chemist / Crystallographer

Gustavo is an experienced crystallographer and knows exactly what it takes to design innovative crystallographic instrumentation in order to achieve the best possible results. As an internationally renowned scientists and responsible for more than 30 peer-reviewed publications was a researcher at FU Berlin (D), EPFL Lausanne (CH), RWTH Aachen (D) and ETH Zurich (CH). His entrepreneurial background covers 5 years at Crystallise!, a provider of special chemical analytics based in PARK INNOVAARE and in the Bio-Technopark Zurich-Schlieren (CH), founded from Gustavo and Gunther as a team.

Nils Gebhardt

Nils Gebhardt, M.A. / MBA

Co-Founder & CFO
General Management

Nils combines conceptual vision with a pragmatic, hands-on and results-oriented management approach. He has earned his spurs in international management consultancies in Germany. Over the past 5 years he has helped to create and grow PARK INNOVAARE to one of the leading Swiss innovation parks and established it as a preferred location for fast growing high-tech companies. Repeated support for start-ups in the areas of finance, organisation and marketing.

Scientific Advisory Boad

ELDICO Scientific has appointed a first-class Scientific Advisory Board consisting of pioneers in crystallography and electron microscopy from science and industry, who will support the company in the development of its electron diffractometer.
Nils Gebhardt

Ute Kolb, PhD

Head of the Centre for High Resolution Electron Microscopy (EMC-M) at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
Professor at Faculty of Materials Sciences and Geo Sciences Technical University, Darmstadt, Germany

Mauro Gemmi, PhD

Director at the Center for Nanotechnology Innovation@NEST of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, PISA, Italy

Bernd Hinrichsen, PhD

Head of the XRD, electron microscopy and NMR labs at BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Tim GrĂĽne, PhD

Head of the Centre for X-ray Structure Analysis at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria
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