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ELDICO Scientific not only manufactures electron diffractometers, it also runs a Customer Experience Center offering easy and unlimited access to the most advanced methodology in crystallography: electron diffraction.

Here we support industrial and academic customers with their demanding samples. 

In the very center of the global pharmaceutical industry the Scientific team of ELDICO welcomes partners for advanced analytical services and joint projects. The Experience Center‘s customers include a broad community of academic and industrial users among Hoffmann-LaRoche, Idorsia, Boehringer-Ingelheim and the University of Basel as well as the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI). 

The center is dedicated to bring 3D ED applications forward. We offer a wide range of services, from measurement-as-a-service to advanced scientific applications services and joint R&D projects. The ELDICO team supports you in single sample projects as well as in larger and more complex projects with specific research questions behind. 

Since early 2022, we have successfully served dozens of clients among leading pharmaceutical companies with their challenging samples and helped them accelerate their R&D operations. 

Our team of experienced application scientists is looking forward to discussing and developing your projects with you. On the basis of our high scientific qualifications and our extensive wealth of experience, we are also able to discuss and design challenging scientific projects with you. At the same time, we are happy to accept your sample and solve it according to your needs and requirements. This can but does not need to include the structure solution. We are also happy to provide you with the raw data only and leave the analytical work to you.  

Based on many years of practical experience, including preparative chemistry, software and data interpretation we provide a wide range of reliable, fast and efficient measurement services for industrial customers, among many international companies from the pharma and beyond. If you want to learn more contact us at my-sample@eldico.ch. 

We effectively support academic and industrial clients with state-of-the-art technology

1. Applications and services:

From diffraction data collection (and pre-processing), structure determination (and refinement) to advanced structural analyses such as determination of the absolute configuration, we offer tailor-made service packages demonstrating good practices, reproducible results and timely delivery. 

How we support the Pharmaceutical industry

Crystal structure determination

Electron Diffraction measurement on a single, stable, solid, crystalline sample of 10 nm minimum dimension in one direction, preferably 200-300 nm in the other directions. Deliverable will be the diffraction data as a normalized intensity file, structure solution and kinematic refinement, molecular structure, crystallographic files (.lst, .res, .ins, .fcf, .cif), and crystallographic tables, including molecule drawing and atom coordinates.

Absolute configuration determination

In addition to crystal structure determination, the absolute configuration will be determined for cases where the crystal structure consists of either enantiopure chiral molecule(s), group(s) or chiral centre(s). Deliverable will additionally be the absolute configuration determination, dynamic refinement, crystallographic files (.lst, .res, .ins, .fcf, .cif), and crystallographic tables.

Crystal mapping

Identification by determining the cell parameters of the different crystals on a measurement grid through electron diffraction. Deliverables will be the cell parameters of all crystals analyzed.

Determination of micro-crystallinity in amorphous solids

Electron Diffraction Measurement on all crystals on the measurement grid to identify if there is local micro-crystallinity present in one of the crystals.

How we support the Battery industry

Identification of position of low amounts of doping metals

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are often modified with doping elements to address issues such as capacity degradation, voltage fading and structural instability. Electron Diffraction can give incredibly valuable and indispensable insight into the crystal lattice structure of doped cathode materials. Identification of low amounts of doping materials has been one of Electron Diffraction successful applications with potential to be the main technique to be used in the field.

Testing of precipitation and crystallisation

The metal salts that serve as starting materials for cathode production, including Li2CO3, NiSO4, CoSO4 and MnSO4, are mainly produced using hydrometallurgical processes. In these processes, precipitation and crystallization are important unit operations and need well controlled ways of testing. Electron Diffraction could potentially eliminate the use of a number of other techniques used in this area, becoming the method of choice to test precipitates and crystals.

Parametrisation of the unit cells for model input parameters

Battery companies invest enormously in obtaining models for the crystal structure of lithium compounds. This process needs a good input of parameters such as the unit cell as well as particle size and shape of the lithium. With Electron Diffraction we can obtain these parameters in minutes rather than hours allowing the model to be effective and usable within shorter timescales.

Characterisation of Lithium plating and Lithium dendrites

The growth of lithium dendrites in inorganic solid electrolytes is a recognized problem that hinders the development of reliable all-solid-state lithium metal batteries. Revealing the nanostructure using our Electron Diffraction capabilities has shown excellent results giving the unique possibility of preventing future formation of this harmful material.

ELDICO Scientific not only runs a Customer Experience Center. Our ED service offering serves as a first step to familiarise oneself with the novel analytical services and to give companies and institutions the opportunity to become confident in the performance of the method and the instrument.

Our more than 40 academic and industrial clients are realising the wide range of applications for ED technology and have begun to modify their internal processes to better exploit the potential of ED on a larger scale. We support this with flexible solutions, including long-term service contracts, leasing solutions (with or without an operator) and the option to purchase an electron diffractometer.

2. Leasing solutions 

We offer solutions for those who do not want to own and/or run the system themselves. By teaming up with experienced financial partners, we provide you with cash neutral subscription solutions, ranging from a basic leasing option to sophisticated performance-based contracts.  

If you want to run your own electron diffractometer without investing in the complete system today, we offer you innovative leasing solutions. 

If you want to use electron diffraction services without operating your own system we offer your comprehensive solutions including a trained and ELDICO certified operator. 

Furthermore, we offer long term service agreements in combinations with a membership in one of our experience centers at a fraction of the systems cost. Spare your CAPEX and opt for beneficial OPEX oriented solutions. 

3. System Purchase

The ELDICO ED-1 is a turn-key instrument that directly produces high-quality structural information in the nanocrystal regime and delivers reliable results within a few hours, with a clear per-measurement cost advantage. 

The smart combination of a powerful goniometer and the large sample chamber makes the ELDICO ED-1 the perfect solution to perform challenging experiments in ambient or cryo conditions. 

The ELDICO Scientific Electron Diffractometer is designed to measure samples in the nanometer range of organic and inorganic compounds under ambient or cryo conditions with unprecedented quality and yet unseen speed. 

As a remarkably compact device, it does not require any spatial modifications before or during installation and can be quickly set up and put into operation in the existing lab environment. A new generation of measuring instrument and as such a class of its own. 

Please contact us to learn more about our superior solution.  

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