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Product and service offerings

ELDICO Scientific manufactures electron diffractometers – novel analytical instruments used by R&D and quality control.

We are more than happy to provide the package that best fits our customers’ specific needs, on an individual basis. Our sales and service system is tailored to your needs: from measurement-as-a-service arrangements to device procurement and leasing.

1. Scientific Applications Services

From diffraction data collection (and pre-processing), structure determination (and refinement) to advanced structural analyses such as determination of the absolute configuration, we offer tailor-made service packages demonstrating good practices, reproducible results and timely delivery. 

Crystal structure determination

Electron Diffraction measurement on a single, stable, solid, crystalline sample of 10 nm minimum dimension in one direction, preferably 200-300 nm in the other directions. Deliverable will be the diffraction data as a normalized intensity file, structure solution and kinematic refinement, molecular structure, crystallographic files (.lst, .res, .ins, .fcf, .cif), and crystallographic tables, including molecule drawing and atom coordinates.

Absolute configuration determination

In addition to crystal structure determination, the absolute configuration will be determined for cases where the crystal structure consists of either enantiopure chiral molecule(s), group(s) or chiral centre(s). Deliverable will additionally be the absolute configuration determination, dynamic refinement, crystallographic files (.lst, .res, .ins, .fcf, .cif), and crystallographic tables.

Crystal mapping

Identification by determining the cell parameters of the different crystals on a measurement grid through electron diffraction. Deliverables will be the cell parameters of all crystals analyzed.

Determination of micro-crystallinity in amorphous solids

Electron Diffraction Measurement on all crystals on the measurement grid to identify if there is local micro-crystallinity present in one of the crystals.

2. Subscription & leasing

We offer solutions for those who do not want to run the system themselves. By teaming up with experienced partners, we provide you with neutral subscription solutions, ranging from a basic leasing option to sophisticated performance-based contracts.

3. System Purchase

Our product is a turn-key instrument that directly produces high-quality structural information in the nanocrystal regime and delivers reliable results within a few hours, with a clear per-measurement cost advantage. Please contact us to learn more about our superior solution. 

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