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An electron beam & nano-precise rotation: a user-friendly device that investigates crystalline samples with particle sizes below 1000 nm. 

The ELDICO ED-1 device is dedicated solely to electron diffraction (ED, also known as 3D-ED, microED or electron diffraction tomography).

With a disruptive horizontal design and an innovative sample-handling mechanism, ELDICO ED-1 will help scientists enter the field of nano-crystallography and produce important structural information faster, with better quality and at lower cost.  With this addition, any crystallographic lab will be able to perform routine analysis on samples that have so far been considered prohibitive – including nanocrystalline powders, minute quantities and phase mixtures.

  • Optimized for diffraction experiments
  • Stable goniometer for precise nano-rotation
  • Easy-to-use (hardware and software)
  • Low dose for beam-sensitive materials
  • Octagon for custom attachments, e.g. in situ studies
  • Hybrid pixel detector (HPD) for fast acquisition of data
  • Crystal structure determination
  • Absolute configuration confirmation
  • Crystal mapping of phase mixtures
  • Identification of crystalline impurities
  • Polymorphism characterisation
  • Detection of micro-crystallinity in amorphous materials

Powerful source

Running at 160 kV – optimal for reduced dynamic scattering and enabling diffraction also from thick samples; no ultra-high vacuum required; long-lifetime LAB6 cathode; auto-calibration routine

Electron optics

Dedicated design to facilitate operation with a single click and improve diffraction performance; extra low dose for longer sample lifetime; user-friendly

5-axis goniometer

Enables selection and alignment of any crystal on a sample grid; keeps the crystal in the beam for 140° of rotation; high-speed motors reduce the accumulated dose during sample alignment, evaluation and measurement

Low-dose STEM imaging mode

For sample alignment and evaluation, based on still images for longer sample lifetime; optimal resolution for detecting and aligning even the smallest of samples

Noise-free detector

Based on the latest hybrid-pixel technology from DECTRIS, enables accurate measurement of even the weakest diffraction; dose can be reduced extremely fast, thus extending sample lifetime — enables data up to atomic resolution

Intuitive software

Guarantees ultimate ease-of-use, including all common features from X-ray diffraction, allows for a steep learning curve — enables switching between pre-set imaging and diffraction mode within seconds

Compact system

No special installation requirements, always tuned to diffraction; no need to share instrumentation with colleague microscopists; high sample throughput; best data available for nm-sized samples

Explore the superior features of our device – simply click on the elements and find out why our electron diffractometer is the gold standard for crystallography. 

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