Nanocristal (Fr). Nanokristall (Ge). Nanocrystal (It). Nanocristal (Sp). Нанокристалл (Ru).

A material particle having dimensions in the range form 1 – < 1000 nm (i.e, < 1 x 10-6 m) and composed of atoms in either a single- or poly-crystalline arrangement. Nanocrystals of certain substances may have beneficial (or different) chemical and physical properties comparing to larger crystals. Especially if their dimensions range from 1 – 100 nm (quantum dots effects).[1]

In general, the macro physical properties of a material are dictated by the nanocrystalline level. Therefore, being able to analyze nanocrystals is very important for understanding their macro chemical and physical properties. Electron diffraction is a preferred analytical tool for getting the 3D structure of nano-crystalline substance.


1 J. L. Burt et al., Journal of Crystal Growth, 2005, 285 (4), 681–691.

2 B. D. Fahlman, “Materials Chemistry,” Springer, Berlin 2007, 282-283.

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