ELDICO Scientific is in steep growth. With full focus on product development, we have successfully built a flourishing organisation. Today, more than 20 technical experts and developers from five industrial partners, among world leading engineering companies as well as leading component suppliers, work closely together to bring the first dedicated electron diffractometer to market. 


Bringing a complex device to the market needs a dedicated team of professionals.  ELDICO is growing: we are welcoming new employees to help materialize the project of bringing a dedicated electron diffractometer to the market. Do you think you have what it takes? Check our opportunities below and contact us! We are more than happy to meet you.


Dr. Eric Hovestreydt (CEO)
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Position Filled

Application Scientist

To start on February 1st 2021 as a permanent assignment, we are looking for an experienced small molecule crystallographer, with knowledge of X-ray devices, synchrotron facilities and with a passion for promoting the electron diffractometer in the fields of science and industry.

Position Filled

Senior Technical Project Manager

We are looking for the right person to be present in the implementation of the product concept in an agile context, to interact with the manufacturing partners, to supervise the critical paths and deadlines within the R&D budget, and, last but not least, to be participating in the design of internal company processes.

Position Filled

Junior Marketing Manager & Storyteller

While product development is in full swing, it is now essential to start market development and boost sales. For this reason, we are now looking for support — someone who will tell the exciting story of this disruptive technology to a global audience.  If you are hands-on marketing professional and a visionary storyteller, you should apply.

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