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We are showcasing the enormous potential of ED and a dedicated device for the technique at important congresses and meetings. See where we are going and what we are going to talk about.
Wed, 10.03.2021

While the world still traverses the pandemic, we are adjusting to a new modus operandi in almost every aspect of our lives. The vivid spring and summer scientific events and crystallographic congresses have switched to the online mode.

We are present in several events in the course of the coming weeks so we are summarizing them for you in case you want to follow us there too. 

29th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society

15-18.03.2021, Online

Scientific Presentation: Gustavo Santiso-Quinones, ELDICO CSO&Founder

Title: ‘Electron Diffraction and Nano-Crystallography: A device dedicated to the Crystallographic Community’

With a dedicated electron diffractometer, ELDICO presents a highly innovative instrumentation for nano-crystallography. While electron diffraction is being done for many years, ELDICO’s horizontal concept – made from crystallographers for crystallographers – will give the thing a forward push for high-quality, ultra-fast and easy-to-operate analytics.

Belgian Crystallography Symposium BCS-11

17.03.2021, Online

Flash Presentation: Gustavo Santiso-Quinones, ELDICO CSO&Founder

We are going to once again showcase the winning case of ELDICO’s novel electron diffractometer, which effortlessly enters the sub-μm regime, eliminating the obstacle posed by the crystal sizes in measuring nano-crystalline samples. Learn more about the advantages of a dedicated instrument from our product brochure.

BCA/BACG Online Joint Spring Meeting

29.03-1.04.2021, Online

Scientific Presentation: Gustavo Santiso-Quinones, ELDICO CSO&Founder

The structural elucidation of nano-crystalline molecular compounds through electron diffraction poses an effective solution for a major bottleneck in crystallographic research: the difficulties of obtaining large crystals through preparative chemistry – or even their unavailability. This is what we will discuss during the BCA session on electron crystallography. 

ED Applied Webinar

7.04.2021, Online

Presenting: Dr. Lukas Palatinus, Head of Laboratory ED, FZU & Paul Klar, PostDoc FZU

Title: Absolute Structure Determination from 3D electron diffraction

Want to find out more about how reliable (and easy) is it to identify enantiomorphs from the analysis of electron diffraction data? Register now to our online meeting and join our exciting knowledge transfer.

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