We keep growing (unlike our crystals)

Warm welcome to Jamison and Petra!
Fri, 08.07.2022

We are excited to welcome two new members in the ELDICO team who are strengthening our know-how and help our organization strive.

ELDICO is committed to meet the most stringent of needs in terms of scientific advancements for electron diffraction. From designing and bringing to market the first dedicated electron diffractometer, meeting clients’ and partners’ requirements, establishing scientific collaborations that last to creating an innovation-friendly community, we are grateful that we had the right team to foster the exponential growth of our start-up. Petra and Jamison are our two newest hires that will help in sustaining (and exceeding) that rhythm.

During our launch event back in March, we already discussed about the importance of IP and patents in the context of pharmaceutical advancement. Petra Simoncic is our new Chief Innovation Officer and will not only help protect the proven unicity of our electron diffractometer but also drive and shape its applications to a broader community of scientific and industrial users. Petra will liaise with our clients, scientific advisors and the broader scientific community to identify, evaluate and develop new promising applications. As a trained minerologist, holding an PhD in crystallography, she knows exactly how powerful our device is and has the right know-how to tackle its patent related issues, as she declares:

‘I feel very passionate about providing a technology startup with an optimal IP strategy to be successful. The opportunity to apply my skills in IP and innovation management in my scientific field of expertise is very exciting.’

From more than 20 years of experience in highly innovative fields, she knows the importance of continued dialogue with all relevant stakeholders in co-creating superior instrumentation, able to deliver the best possible results for our clients and the community as such.

Jamison Mize is a seasoned sales and service professional with 15 years of experience across industry leaders within the analytical instrumentation and materials characterization space. His appointment as Chief Sales Officer for Eldico will deepen his knowledge in the field, as he states:

‘Eldico was created to develop a dedicated electron diffractometer: a novel instrument combining the best of two worlds, X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy into a device tailored down to the needs of the crystallographic community. The result is the ELDICO ED-1 which was launched last year and can solve problems for customers in an area where no practical, cost effective and easy to use solution previously existed. I have spent my career focused on customers and I am excited to work with a company that puts the customer first and simultaneously wants to push the edges of materials science while delivering a high-quality product.’

We warmly welcome the two and root for their continuous success! You can get in touch with them here and here.

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