ELDICO Scientific and TriClinic Labs, Inc.    announce collaboration

Wed, 12.06.2024

ELDICO Scientific AG is delighted to announce an exceptional strategic collaboration aimed at introducing Microcrystal Electron Diffraction (microED) services and instruments to the North American market. MicroED, also known as 3D ED, has emerged as a revolutionary method bridging the deficiencies between single-crystal X-ray diffraction (SCXRD) and powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD).

The collaboration entails Triclinic Labs, Inc. installing ELDICO’s innovative microED instrument, the ELDICO ED-1, at its labs in Indiana. Leveraging this advanced technology and software, Triclinic’s crystallography group will offer a wide range of services including crystal structure determination from nanocrystalline powders, absolute configuration determination, micro-crystallinity analysis in amorphous solid dispersions, and phase analysis of crystals in mixtures.

We are delighted to be providing an instrument to Triclinic Labs, a leading player in the pharmaceutical and CRO sectors,” commented Danny Stam, Sales Manager at ELDICO Scientific. “Our mission is to make electron diffraction accessible to scientists worldwide, and this sale to Triclinic Labs aligns perfectly with that goal. Together, we look forward to advancing scientific research and development.”

ELDICO is thrilled to bring their ground-breaking microED instrument to the North American market for mainstream applications. Triclinic’s reputation and proximity to many pharmaceutical, battery, chemical research, and patent prosecution and litigation companies will demonstrate the utility and ease of use of the ED-1, as a fundamental crystallography tool in chemical and intellectual property developments.

We are excited to partner with ELDICO Scientific and leverage their expertise in electron diffraction technology,” said Dr. Steef Boerrigter, Head of Materials Modeling. “Having the ELDICO ED-1 electron diffractometer at our facility will significantly enhance our analytical capabilities, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions and better serve our clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.”

The ELDICO ED-1 electron diffractometer is a ground-breaking instrument that simplifies the process of electron diffraction analysis. Its user-friendly interface and automated data processing capabilities make it an ideal choice for researchers and scientists seeking accurate and rapid structural analysis.

Triclinic Labs and ELDICO Scientific are committed to pushing the boundaries of structural analysis and fostering innovation in their respective fields. This sale represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of ground-breaking discoveries and advancements in pharmaceuticals and materials science.


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