The Electron Diffractometer that changes nano-crystallography

Thu, 06.08.2020

ELDICO’s novel electron diffractometer effortlessly enters the sub-μm regime, eliminating the obstacle posed by the crystal sizes in measuring nano-crystalline samples. Learn more about the advantages of a dedicated instrument and how ED can be changed from our product brochure.

ELDICO provides crystallography with the instruments it needs to be ahead of its time. We build electron diffractometers that enable the crystallographer to directly identify previously unsolvable structures from nano-crystalline material.  The application of electron diffraction to nano-crystalline substances is a disruptive innovation. It will bring tremendous advantages to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical and advanced materials industries.

Our electron diffractometer features increased performance through new detector systems, increased computing power and a CSD of one million crystal structures, which allows the data to be used in ways unimaginable in the past.

The structural elucidation of nano-crystalline molecular compounds through electron diffraction poses an effective solution for a major bottleneck in crystallographic research: the difficulties of obtaining large crystals through preparative chemistry – or even their unavailability. ELDICO’s dedicated electron diffractometer ensures effortless analysis of nano-sized solid compounds in the form of a more reliable and qualitative analytical instrumentation. Compared to “retrofitted” transmission electron microscopes (TEM), which today are used to perform nano-crystallographic investigation, a “dedicated” electron diffractometer — such as the instrument developed by ELDICO — has the potential to change the way chemical, pharmaceutical and advanced materials research is carried out in the future.

By eliminating the bottleneck, electron diffraction can help to obtain superior results with better quality and at greater speed and lower cost. The ELDICO electron diffractometer is designed to measure nanometric organic and inorganic samples, achieving a unit cell determination accuracy of 1:1,000. The instrument is perfectly tailored down to the specific requirements of the trained crystallographer and enables direct observation of nano-crystalline samples.

Key specifications of the ELDICO electron diffractometer:

  • Refinement down to R1 values <10% in 75% of the cases
  • Resolution of up to 0.84 Å with 60-70% complete datasets having a Rint <20%
  • Up to 160 kV source acceleration

More about our product specifications can be found in the company brochure via the download button below, or by contacting Dr. Eric Hovestreydt, our CEO, to discuss your requirements.

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