ELDICO Scientific and TeraCrystal announce strategic partnership

Wed, 10.07.2024

Eldico Scientific AG, a leading provider of advanced electron diffraction solutions, is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with TeraCrystal, a pioneering CRO specializing in solid-state characterization and crystallization services. This partnership is set to redefine electron diffraction services in the realm of crystal structure elucidation. 

The collaboration unites Eldico Scientific’s expertise in electron diffraction instrumentation with TeraCrystal’s vast knowledge in solid-state chemistry, making way for a dynamic alliance that will provide cutting-edge analytical services to industries, researchers, and scientists seeking in-depth understanding of their complex crystalline materials. 

Electron diffraction stands as a potent analytical method, delivering essential atomic-level structural insights. Its utility spans across diverse industries, encompassing pharmaceuticals, materials science, and chemistry. In a strategic partnership with ELDICO Scientific, TeraCrystal strives to augment its research and development capabilities, with the ultimate goal of expediting progress in drug discovery and development endeavours. 

The ELDICO ED-1 electron diffractometer represents an innovative instrument that streamlines the electron diffraction analysis procedure. With its intuitive user interface and automated data processing features, it emerges as the preferred selection for researchers and scientists in pursuit of precise and swift structural analysis.

We are thrilled to join forces with TeraCrystal, a company that is at the forefront of solid-state and crystallization services,” stated Danny Stam, sales manager of Eldico Scientific. “This partnership is set to equip scientists and researchers with the means to explore new horizons in solid-state characterization with unparalleled precision and efficiency.” 

TeraCrystal’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Mihaela Pop, added, “Our customers will greatly benefit from the effortless access to Eldico’s electron diffraction instruments and the crystallographic structure elucidation of polymorphs, salts and co-crystals. This partnership will unlock new possibilities for comprehending the solid form landscape of active compounds as well as the polymorphic relationships, driving innovation across various industries.” 

As part of this cooperation, Eldico Scientific will provide electron diffraction services to TeraCrystal, enabling them to gain invaluable insights into the atomic and molecular structures of pharmaceutical compounds in all drug development phases. The strategic partnership between Eldico Scientific and TeraCrystal brings a significant development in the field of electron diffraction, promising to expand the boundaries of crystallography and foster advancements in solid state chemistry. 

About Eldico Scientific:
Eldico Scientific is a leading provider of advanced electron diffraction solutions, dedicated to empowering researchers to gain precise insights into the atomic and molecular structure of crystalline compounds. With state-of-the-art electron diffraction instruments and customer-centered services, Eldico Scientific empowers scientists and industries to push the frontiers of pharmaceutical, chemical and materials research.

Website: www.eldico-scientific.com 

About TeraCrystal:
TeraCrystal is an established provider offering a full suite of solid-state and crystallization services. Differentiated by strong scientific focus and with an integrated approach of effective screening and decisive solid form selection, TeraCrystal assists pharmaceutical companies to rapidly and successfully progress their lead compounds into all drug development phases.

Website: www.teracrystal.com 

For media inquiries, please contact:
Alessia Portieri, Sales Manager

Coca Iordache, CEO

TeraCrystal - ELDICO

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