Season’s greetings from ELDICO

Wed, 23.12.2020

In 2020, the project of developing an electron diffractometer has continued to spark a lot of interest in the scientific community. Quite rightly so. Electron diffraction is important – it already starts making a difference in drug discovery and many other fields. It is indeed a technique that enables convenient access to structure determination on samples in the sub-µm regime and thus has great transformative potential.

Yet the necessary instrumentation is not commercially available. That is why ELDICO is actively advocating for a device fully dedicated to ED; the electron diffractometer. For highly effective product development, we have entered into valuable partnerships with some of the world’s leading engineering partners and component suppliers. To prepare for the anticipated growth, ELDICO has started to expand its team and is continuing its expansion efforts. A strong Scientific Advisory Board is in place to ensure that our instrument meets the demanding requirements of academia and industry. We added industrial expertise to our board and we are grateful for the kind endorsement of partnering and supporting organizations. Together we will deliver a better, faster and cheaper approach to ED.

The word about the compelling benefits of ED and a dedicated device for it must be spread. With this in mind, we have shared knowledge via webinars, published whitepapers and application notes on ED experiments, and we have also been present at various scientific events. We will continue to do so because we believe in our mission: to provide crystallographers with the instruments they need in order to be ahead of their time.

In 2021, please be prepared for more exciting news about ED and the recently-assembled electron diffractometer made by ELDICO, for which we are now accepting samples for test measurements. 

We wish you a safe Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to your continued interest, support, and collaboration.

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