Electron diffraction: a cost-efficient approach

What are the long-term financial advantages of ED? Find out in our comparative analysis of TEM, traditional X-Ray and electron diffraction crystallography.
Tue, 08.09.2020

A total cost of operations analysis reveals significant cost advantages of an electron diffractometer over X-ray and TEM instrumentation. We compiled a detailed comparative overview discovering potential savings contrasted to existing analytical methods.

While a traditional X-ray approach to diffraction may still be the most widespread and proven one, emerging application in electron or nano-crystallography will become more and more important (for more information please consider this scientific paper).

From a professional crystallographer’s point of view, the currently used TEM-based approaches are not practical. First, a full blown TEM is over-engineered for traditional and future diffraction applications. This is reflected in exorbitant investment pricing and elevated operating cost from a diffraction application point of view. Second, the TEM has its major qualities in imaging applications, which leads to a competitive situation with other researchers while accessing the machine.

A dedicated Electron Diffractometer combines the best of two worlds, the perfect rotation from X-ray diffraction and the electron beam to access the sub µm-regime. The ease-of-use of ELDICO’s instrumentation concept allows significantly higher efficiency in measurements: 1.600 samples per year (factor 4 higher than on X-ray) and cost per sample of roughly 170 EUR (70% lower compared to TEM) – strong arguments for the acquisition of a proper electron diffraction device.

Our detailed cost comparison overview will offer insights in regards to the unbeatable cost advantages of a dedicated electron diffractometer over X-ray and TEM-based approaches.

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