ELDICO hires Application Scientist and Sales Manager

Danny Stam and Arianna Lanza (left to right) – ELDICO’s new members.
Tue, 04.05.2021

Happy to have Arianna and Danny on board! ELDICO will be thriving on its exciting journey with the enthusiasm and know-how of our new two team members.

Dr. Arianna Lanza and Danny Stam recently started their journeys as Scientific Application Manager and as Sales Manager for ELDICO Scientific. Our company now consists of eight core team members plus an even larger number of engineers and technical staff: our production partners. “In light of the many positive messages from the market, we are convinced us that our instrumentation concept combines the best of X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy, making for a new and better instrument for structural determination in the nanometer range. Our growing team will be able to help us position the product in both its academic and industrial application,”  says Dr. Eric Hovestreydt, the company’s CEO.

Arianna Lanza has grown up and evolved academically in the heart of the electron diffraction revolution. She has been part of postdoctoral research projects at the Center for Nanotechnology Innovation of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Pisa (Italy), having done her PhD on material properties of metal-organic materials at Bern University and Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, supervised by well-known protagonists from the crystallographic circle such as Mauro Gemmi and Piero Macchi. Joining ELDICO as an application scientist, she will be striving to increasingly put into practice her ample insight into electron diffraction and best practices for crystallography in the years to come.

Danny Stam is also no stranger to the field. With strong academic experience at Leiden University, doubled by more than 20 years of industrial insight from work at companies like Core Labs (R&D), Avantium and Technobis, he is more than ready to start at ELDICO. While in his former positions he helped to overcome the bottleneck for X-ray crystallography by focusing on improving crystal growth, Danny will now be tackling the challenge from the other side, working to convince a large, ever-growing industrial and scientific audience of the transformational potential of electron diffraction. “Selling scientific instrumentation is based on good propositions. Being a sales manager for ELDICO allows me to bring the good news about the novel device to the market and establish long-lasting relationship within industries and research centres,” Danny says.

ELDICO’s two new team members’ timing could not have been better: this is ensuring that the growing start-up gets extra support along the way, putting together an experienced team for 2021 and beyond.

We are glad to welcome Arianna and Danny and hope their work with us will be as exciting as it is value-adding to their careers and personal lives.

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