IUCr 2023: At the Forefront of Crystallography

Wed, 20.09.2023

Electron diffraction was again the hot topic on IUCr 2023, the global gathering of the crystallographic community, and ELDICO provides powerful and state-of-the-art instruments for it.

Not long ago, electron diffraction (also known as 3D-ED or microED) was a niche field. Today, the conference programs are rich of dedicated sessions and talks on electron crystallography: from structure determination of pharmaceutical compounds and functional materials to new methods and devices. So most recently at IUCr 2023 in Melbourne. Electron diffraction stands at the forefront of crystallography, as highlighted by its prominent role at the 26th Congress and general assembly of the international union crystallographic meeting.

In a venue teemed with established professors and brilliant students who are dedicating their PhD to this very subject, ELDICO made significant contributions by drawing large crowds to our booth, delivering engaging lectures, showcasing informative posters, and fostering numerous inspiring conversations and becoming proud supports of the initiative “Women in Crystallography” (Photo: Dr. Alessia Portieri (l.) and Dr. Laura Samperisi (r.) together with ELDICO Scientific’s Advisory Board Member Dr. Ute Kolb).

ELDICO presents its groundbreaking ELDICO ED-1 and our marketing claim ‘Instrumenting Nano-Crystallography’, encapsulates our commitment to supporting both academic and industrial researchers with powerful and state of the art instruments while pushing the boundaries of this field. Thanks to its clear conceptional focus on stability, versatility and ease-of-use the ELDICO dedicated electron diffractometer supports scientists to venture into the realm of nano-crystallography, providing quicker, higher-quality, and more cost-effective access to critical structural insights of nano-crystals. To learn more about the specs and features click here to download the ELDICO ED-1 product brochure.

Academic and industrial researchers impressed by ELDICO ED-1’s performance in material discovery and development

High standards, which had to be proven. During our seminar with the title “Electron Diffraction – Structure Elucidation of Nano-Crystalline Materials”, we showed how the ELDICO ED-1 provides precise and rapid crystal structure determination of nanocrystals. It can uncover the arrangement of atoms within a nano-crystal lattice, enabling the understanding of the material structure and function and the design of novel materials with game-changing properties.

The equipment also helps identifying different phases within a powder sample. Every day, time consuming and costly experimentation is performed in growing large single crystals of inorganic and organic materials, which oftentimes are still obtained as polycrystalline powders. Thanks to a specifically designed goniometer (read here what scientists say about it) and software automation, ELDICO ED-1 allows to perform phase analysis and structure characterization of such powder materials with high throughputs. During our scientific talks, we showed how this automatic “crystal mapping” routine can help scientists distinguishing between polymorphs, isomers, by-products and impurities, which can have distinct properties and applications.

ELDICO ED-1 enables a wide range of sophisticated crystallographic experiments

ELDICO ED-1’s capabilities have been well received by the audience, which recognized it as an invaluable tool for characterizing nanomaterials, assisting in quality control and accelerating research and development times. Additionally, the availability of a “cryo” option, combined with an easy-to-handle cryo transfer system, enables a wide range of sophisticated crystallographic experiments and will expand our application field to include studies of solvent-framework interactions and phase transition crystals.

At IUCr 2023, we saw not only a significant enthusiasm for electron diffraction but more importantly a clear confirmation of the necessity for dedicated instrumentation. The ELDICO team is looking forward to discuss the potential of electron diffraction with you.

To gain deeper insights into our perspective and the evolving landscape of electron diffraction, explore our website and contact our scientific and team at sales@eldico.ch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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